In search of lost dreams

The whale songs

Whale songs hold the key to dreams for humans and other living beings. But Earth’s climate is changing, and the whales have decided to migrate to the planet Jupiter. Without them, there will be no more dreams.

Oremia & Wuxia

Eight-year-old Oremia has a vivid recurring dream of the great whales. She is now convinced that she is in reality a holographic projection originating on Jupiter. Then one day she meets Wuxia, a young fox with telepathic powers. Wuxia has been brutally driven from her home by the sinister Junning Army, which is now seeking control of the planet after a failed climate-cooling project.

No time to lose

With no time to lose, Wuxia agrees to join Oremia to search for a legendary humpback whale named Nioma, who holds the secret that could allow her to change Oremia into a real Earth girl. So they set forth on a thrilling quest in which they encounter brave and sometimes hilarious new friends who guide them across a world they scarcely recognize without its glaciers.

Powerful allies

Among their powerful allies are Garuda the Penguin, who carries them across the earth on his melting glacier, and Aleika, the rabbit wizard who protects them with his magic powers.

A learning experience

Together they discover the wonders of nature and forgotten civilizations. They learn about listening, self-expression, lucidity, awareness, perseverance, concentration, intentions, empathy, generosity, and much more.

A very special device

Along the way Oremia and Wuxia come across a very special magical & musical device, the “Tonalli,” fallen from the sky long ago. Unlocked, its power can awaken all the elements of nature. Ultimately it may allow them to save Nioma before it is too late.